Monday, October 31, 2005

Questions about Spam Blog

Q: Can anyone send in spam?
A: Anyone with an email address, yes.

Q: Do I have to open an account or remember a password?
A: Nope. Just drop the email and your message will be added automatically.

Q: Can I post pictures?
A: No. If pictures were allowed it would use up a lot of bandwidth and heavy moderation may be required. If you try to post pictures it may mean that your entire post is not published.

Q: Is this blog moderated?
A: Not up until now - words can't really hurt that much (pictures can't be posted). There may be a degree of swearing, controversial opinions or possibly spam, but its what the public wants to see blogged.

Q: I'm offended by something on here.
A: At present I plan to leave this blog unmoderated, and that means no editing or deleting other people's posts. If you wish to respond with a counter-argument, you can do so by leaving a comment or by submitting a new post that quotes the original. Otherwise, simply ignore it.

Q: Argh! I submitted something that included my email address! Can it be removed?
A: Yes, use the contact form here. For quick removal, include the subject line of the spam message you sent, and the approximate time you sent it.

Q: My question is not covered here.
A: If your question is technical, scroll down for help. Otherwise, you can contact the site admin here. Please bear in mind that while I do read every email I cannot reply personally to every email I get. I won't reply if your issue is covered on this page.

Techincal Help: My email hasn't been published!

Most posts are published in less than one minute, but a few take longer. If you don't see your post appear within ten minutes, try the following:

Did your post get lost?

It may just be that there have been a lot of posts and yours isn't the most recent one. Try using Control and F to find your post.

Did you include images in your post?
Posts that include images are often completely ignored by the system. Send your post again without the images.

Was the email sent on your end?
Look in your "sent items" folder. Is the email you sent there? If not, your computer has not sent the message and you should seek help from your email provider. If so, make sure the address was typed correctly.

Did your email get rejected?
If you got email saying your message was undelivered, read it to find out why.

Was the email undelivered?
Sometimes email doesn't get through. It shouldn't happen in theory, but on rare occassions it does seem to. If you intend to try sending your post again, please give the systems ample time to register and publish your post.

Was your problem not solved by reading this?
This text contains all the reasons that I'm aware of that your post may not have been published. If none of these steps work, please don't ask me what to do because I don't know. Please only contact me if you need help as to how to carry out one of the steps or can think of another reason why the post was not published.

Did you try talking to friends and family?
Its only a blog. Evidently your post was pretty important if you've read this far down the page: but have you considered telling a human being?

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